Lead Recycling From Lead Acid Battery Scrap

Turnkey solutions for battery recycling plant & ACS provides environmentally sound technologies for lead smelting and refining

Smelting and Refining

There are two operations in the recycling process of lead acid battery scrap, Smelting and Refining. We supply Rotary type furnaces for smelting of Lead acid Battery scrap. We have successfully manufactured and supplied Rotary furnaces from batch size 2MT to 10MT. Read more...

Ingot Casting Machine

It is conveyor chain based casting machine. The moulds are filled with Lead with a lead pump or through flow regulating valves. The feeding system has load cell mounted, which controls the speed of the Lead pump and regulates the flow of lead automatically. Read more...

Battery Breaking Plant

The scrap battery is crushed in the hammer and the output is passed through a sieve conveyor to wash off and separate the Lead Oxide powder. After this Lead and plastics are separated in sink and float tanks. The PP and PE are also separated in the last tank.Read more...

Equipments for lead recycling

  • Battery Cutting Machines / Battery Breakers
  • Furnace feeding systems
  • Rotary Furnace
  • Pollution control plant
  • Refining and alloying pots
  • Inoting systems

Specification of the output :

Type : sb-pb Alloy

Element % Element % Element %
Sb 3.03 Ag 0.0016 S 0.0048
Sn 0.127 Zn <0.001 Fe <0.001
Cu 0.05 Ca <0.001 Se <0.001
As 0.25 Cd <0.001 Zn <0.001
Bi 0.0096 Ni 0.001/td> Pb 99.98

Type : Pure Lead 99.97%

Element % Element % Element %
Sb 0.001 Zn 0.001 Se 0.001
Sn 0.001 Ca 0.001 Te <0.001
Cu 0.0012 Cd 0.001 Zn 0.001
As 0.001 Ni 0.001 Al 0.001
Bi 0.0096 S 0.001 Pb 99.98
Ag 0.0018 Fe 0.001