Smelting and Refining


In Smelting process metallic Lead is obtained in Short Rotary Furnaces at temperatures varying from 1000°C to 1400°C. This process is a batch process, in which the Lead Scrap is fed in Batches to the Rotary Furnace. The reduction reaction is carried out in the Rotary furnace.

The cycle time per batch is very critical for obtaining the maximum capacity.
To expedite the furnace charging operation , any one of the following equipments are used:-

The rotary furnace is Charged with :
  • - Vibratory feeders
  • - Pushers
  • - Screw conveyors

The Smelted Lead from the furnace is then collected into Bullion Moulds, mounted on automated trolleys.

Gas/ Oil burners can be used for the smelting operation. Oxy-Fuel burners can be used for Rotary Furnaces of Higher capacities.

The pollution control system consists of settling chamber, cyclone, cooling ducts, spark arrestor, bag filter, wet scrubber and chimney. The temperature of gases is measured at various points.

We have successfully manufactured and supplied Rotary Furnaces from Batch Size 2 MT to 20 MT.


Refining operation is a Pyrometallurgical process, carried out in kettles of capacities of 25 MT or 40 MT. Metals like copper, tin, arsenic and bismuth are removed from the hard Lead to manufacture pure Lead. Purity of Lead achieved is 99.97 %( Min).

TLead alloys, needed in Battery Industry are also manufactured in the Kettles.