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Battery Cutting Machine

Battery cutting machine

This machine is used for Rotary Furnace of smaller capacities. It is a cleaner alternative to manual cutting and breaking of batteries. In this machine top of the Lead acid battery is cut with the help of rotating blades and lead bearing material from inside the battery is separated manually. The blade height is adjustable to be able to cut any size of Battery. This system can be equipped with fume extraction systems to make the cutting area free of acid fumes. Also the drained acid can be handled safely and sent to the Effluent treatment plant for Neutralization.

The PP container can be crushed in a separate plastic crusher.

The Terminals and inter cell welding can be removed separately by a separate machine.

ACS Lead Tech

ACS LEAD TECH is the only Design (Technology) based equipment manufacturing firm in the Lead industry in India. Our in depth knowledge about Lead Metal and it processes coupled with strong mechanical design gives us an edge in the Lead industry. Our systems are full automatic with PLC controlled logic with minimum or no involvement of manpower.

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