Lead Scrap Management: Need of the Hour

Lead Scrap Management: Need of the Hour

6th May 2019

Lead scrap

Lead as a metal is a highly recyclable Metal. Also the recycling process can be profitable business venture for an Individual entrepreneur.

Lead has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, higher even than better known recycled objects such as paper or glass. Thus, this has augmented the role of Lead Recycling Plant Manufacturer .

Most of Lead Scrap is in the Form of Battery Scrap. Other type of Lead Scraps is Cable Stripping, Sheets, and Weights etc.

As we speak about the above types of Lead Scraps, we have to note that Lead Acid Battery Scrap has Sulphuric acid and below is its life cycle and supply chain.

As any consumer scraps his or her battery he takes his battery to a dealer where he exchanges the old battery with a new one. Of course he has to pay for the new battery but the old battery gets him some good discount on the new one.

The scrap batteries get collected in the small Battery Shops. As we all know these are shops and space is limited in these shops they have heaps of these batteries. They have to drain the acid from the batteries near their shop which is not a good practice. The Acid seeps in the ground and may mix with the ground water.

So the need of Management of Lead Acid battery scrap starts at this point. The acid needs to be collected and then responsibly sent to a treatment facility. The Lead Acid Battery scraps along with the plastics should go separately to the Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant in India / Abroad.

The Lead Recycling Plant Manufacturer should design and manufacture plants which ensure proper management of Lead acid battery scrap from the point where the scrap enters the recycling facility.

ACS LEAD TECH (also well known as Assad Consulting Services) designs the plants keeping in mind the operational aspects and movement of the Battery Scrap inside the facility.

ACS LEAD TECH has in depth knowledge about Lead Metal and it processes coupled with strong mechanical design gives us an edge in the Lead industry, making us the leading player in designing Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant in India.

There should be a separate area for Storage of Battery Scrap. The breaking and cutting operation should be automatic with minimal labor and their contact with Lead Scrap. The area should have a proper fume Extraction system. The plastics generated should be properly washed and then converted to granules or chips.

The Lead Bearing Material and the fluxes should be fed to the Furnaces via conveyors. This ensures proper management of the Lead Acid Battery Scrap from the point it is generated to the point it is recycled and converted back to lead. A proper and efficient plant will ensure that the Lead in the Solid waste the plant generates will be minimum.

At the end it all depends on how responsibly the recycling project is executed.

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ACS LEAD TECH is the only Design (Technology) based equipment manufacturing firm in the Lead industry in India. Our in depth knowledge about Lead Metal and it processes coupled with strong mechanical design gives us an edge in the Lead industry. Our systems are full automatic with PLC controlled logic with minimum or no involvement of manpower.

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