All about Lead Reuse and Recycling

All about Lead Reuse and Recycling

25th April 2019

Lead scrap

Lead is naturally sourced from an ore called Galena. However the biggest ore of Lead Available above the Surface of the Earth are various types of Lead Scraps. Lead Acid Battery Scrap being the primary source of Lead Scrap. There are other sources of Lead Scrap as well but any Lead Recycling plant can be confidently dependent on Lead Acid Battery Scrap as its continuous and consistent source of Raw Material.

Lead Acid Batteries Come fit with any vehicle and have a fixed life. After their usage, the batteries are collected by the Dealer who is fitting a new battery in the vehicle. For the returned old battery the dealer of course considers a discount on the new battery. This way the Scrap batteries are sourced and the channelized to various scrap dealers and through them to Lead recycling Plants. This way the Scrap Battery finds its way to be recycled.

Several Battery Recycling Plants are end point of this supply chain. These Factories Break these batteries and Extract Lead bearing material which is then fed in to the Smelting Furnaces. This Lead Bearing Material is a mix of Lead and Lead Oxide. This mixture is smelted in Smelting Furnaces to Produce Cure Lead.

This crude Lead is later refined to a purity of 99.98%. This Lead Produced will now find its way towards a Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing company. The loop is closed here and the cycle begins again.

Lead Acid Batteries are recyclable due to the very nature of Lead. Lead can be recycled almost any number of times. Of course there are process losses but this recyclability of Lead has brought environmental and business sustainability to the Lead Acid battery Industry. Lead Acid Batteries have been irreplaceable for past several years due to this very important factor. Lithium Ion batteries fail miserably in the recyclability factor. Currently the process is not profitable for Entrepreneurs Individually and also the process is too complex due to the complex chemistry of the Lithium Ion Batteries.

Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant / Battery Recycling Plant Owners should be responsible enough to know that Lead is toxic and should can cause harm to the environment / people if not handled properly. They should select the best of Equipment to make sure that profits are made but sustainably and responsibly.

ACS LEAD TECH (also well known as Assad Consulting Services) has been for several years manufacturing plants which are safe for the Environment and the Operators, at the same time run to its maximum efficiency.

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ACS LEAD TECH is the only Design (Technology) based equipment manufacturing firm in the Lead industry in India. Our in depth knowledge about Lead Metal and it processes coupled with strong mechanical design gives us an edge in the Lead industry. Our systems are full automatic with PLC controlled logic with minimum or no involvement of manpower.

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