Red Lead Manufacturing Plants

Red Lead Furnace is a refractory lined oven. It is a batch process. The Lead oxide is heated and maintained at 450-500 deg Celsius till the conversion from PbO to Pb304 is complete. Ideally this conversion takes 20-24 hrs.

The production rate depends on the free lead in the input lead oxide. Lower the free lead in input oxide, faster will be the Red Lead Batches.

Gas or Oil fired burner is used to maintain the temperature of the Furnace. Thermocouples record the temperature inside the furnace, thus putting off the burners when not needed and hence saving energy.

The furnace is kept in negative pressure and the combustion air of the burner is filtered and left in to the atomspere. The furnace is fed by a screw conveyor from Load cell mounted Silo. The silo uses vibrators to feed the oxide to the conveyor.

Other features

  • Fully Automatic with PLC based Control system
  • Totally enclosed system
  • Touch Screen Based Interface
  • One Button START / STOP
red lead furnaces is refractory lined oven

Top View

Front View

Production rate :

% of Red Lead 2 MT Batch Size Model 4 MT Batch Size Model
80 - 87 2 MT Of Red Lead / (18 - 24 hrs) 4 MT Of Red Lead / (18 - 24 hrs)