Litharge Manufacturing Plants

Litharge manufactured on ACS Litharge furnaces is suitable for use in Stabilizers, Batteries, Glass, Ceramics and specialty chemicals. The feed material to the litharge furnace is the output from the Barton Oxide System.


Litharge manufacturing is a batch process. The Furnace is pre-heated to 575-600°C by a gas/oil fired burner. Lead Oxide is metered and fed into the furnace. The material is mixed and agitated inside the furnace. The temperature is maintained between 575-600 °C throughout the reaction. The reaction is exothermic, hence less fuel is used to maintain the temperature. During the reaction negative draft is maintained inside the furnace. The air sucked passes through a bag house before being let into the atmosphere. The negative draft also helps in supplying fresh oxygen to the furnace. This ensures litharge with less than 0.05% of metallic lead.

Litharge from the furnace is fed to a crusher to break the agglomerates. This crushing takes place at 600 °C. After crushing, the litharge is stored in silos with cooling arrangement.


Reaction control


Temperature in the furnace is sensed by thermocouples and accordingly, and the burner is put ON/OFF.

Other features

  • Fully Automatic with PLC based Control system
  • Touch Screen Based Interface
  • One Button START / STOP

Litharge specification :

Oxide Specifications Unit Range
Total PbO % >.99.5
Free Lead % 0.01 -0.1
Insoluble in acetic acid % 0.01 -0.1
Red Lead content % <0.05%

Production rate :

Model Capacity
ACS / LTH / 1T 8000 kgs / day (24 hrs)
ACS / LTH / 1.5T 10000 kgs / day (24 hrs)