Established in the year 1987, we, Assad Consulting Services, have gained phenomenal heights of success in the past two decades and so. Today, we are known as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of products.

Our products are widely used in various industries, especially in the chemical and material handling industries. We are experts in Environmentally Sound Technologies for Battery Recycling, Litharge Red Lead Furnaces, Red Lead Furnaces


Lead Recycling From Lead Acid Battery Scrap

Turnkey solutions for battery recycling plant & ACS provides environmentally sound technologies for lead smelting and refining There are two operations in the recycling process of lead acid battery scrap, Smelting and Refining.

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Barton's Pot Type Lead Sub Oxide System

Lead is melted in a Meltin Pot and is pumped into the Reaction pot, where the exothermic reaction of converting Lead to Lead Oxide takes place. The reaction temperature and reaction ampere is controlled to achieve stable reaction and desired quality.


Ball Mill Type Oxide Manufacturing System

Lead Ingots are melted in the Melting Pot. The Molten Lead in the Melting Pot is pumped on to the Cylinder casting Machine. The Lead cylinders are casted in the Cylinder casting machines at a rate higher than that of the oxidation process.


Litharge Manufacturing Plants

Litharge manufactured on ACS Litharge furnaces is suitable for use in Stabilizers, Batteries, Glass, Ceramics and specialty chemicals. The feed material to the litharge furnace is the output from the Barton Oxide System.Litharge manufacturing is a batch process. The Furnace is pre-heated to 575-600°C by a gas/oil fired burner. Lead Oxide is metered and fed into the furnace.


Red Lead Manufacturing Plant

Red Lead Furnace is a refractory lined oven. It is a batch process. The Lead oxide is heated and maintained at 450-500 deg Celsius till the conversion from PbO to Pb304 is complete. Ideally this conversion takes 20-24 hrs.


Smelting and Refining

In Smelting process metallic Lead is obtained in Short Rotary Furnaces at temperatures varying from 1000°C to 1400°C. This process is a batch process, in which the Lead Scrap is fed in Batches to the Rotary Furnace. The reduction reaction is carried out in the Rotary furnace.


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